Thursday, 22 September 2016


I teach ukulele and guitar in primary schools, I teach on a one-to-one basis and I also lead two adult groups. I've also taught adults in four-week courses, sometimes for beginners and sometimes they are more advanced. Yesterday I began a four-week course for a mixed-ability group. I didn't ask for any feedback, I've never asked for feedback, but I have received some today and had to share them as my head isn't big enough already :-)

The class was amazing and he is an amazing teacher!!  I learned a lot and now have to change the way I have been doing everything as I can see I have a lot of bad habits that will be difficult to break!  Although he is very open and accepting of whatever and says there is nothing he would consider the wrong way!  It's just if you do it 'right' I think you might play better in the long run!

He also has incredible energy and he taught a lot in an hour.  Maybe  abit too much as I couldn't take it all on board but mostly I got it. Certainly more than I thought it would be and much much better. I will move heaven and earth to do the next 4 weeks!

 It was great and I think that was the general sentiment. I take back the earlier concern it might be too basic. Also I was thinking it would be good to continue to the next level after the 4 weeks.

Last night's lesson was very good. We covered quite a lot of the basics and came away with some exercises to do. 

Although I can do a basic strum ok I already feel I learned a bit more about the different ways to play and how they affect the end result on the sound of the tune. 

The lesson was quite fast moving but I think both of the absolute beginners managed ok, I hope so. I certainly came away feeling I had learned several new to get practicing those exercises. 

I know I am going to benefit from them and will probably be interested in continuing them later.