Monday, 25 January 2016

Ukulele Inspiration

I remember learning the guitar at school and anyone who had learned a new riff would share it with their guitar playing friends. I picked up many tunes like this and it is a great way to learn. Well I meet many ukulele players but I read about many more on the internet and there are so many players willing to give their advice. If you can find a song or even just a short instrumental section of a song then this may inspire you to learn more.

I have a website and each week I write  a 'song of the week'. It may not be a whole song (and it usually isn't) but it may inspire you to play more ukulele. This week's song of the week is the first theme from Chariots of fire. Take a look - you may be inspired.!chariots-of-fire/hfac9

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